Solar Battery Backed Remote Telemetry Controlled Automation – Solutions

Remote Automation

Inete Pty Ltd trading as Integral Electric Technology is an Electrical Engineering and Information Technology consultancy specialising in project management, principal representation, subject-matter experts, engineering design, software development, implementation and commissioning.  Inete has been involved extensively in the past with major fixed and mobile asset project management; including relocation, refurbishment, shut-down, overhaul and maintenance of these assets.  We conduct incident investigations, troubleshooting, root cause analysis and auditing complete with detailed reports for our clients.

We believe that it is critical for Inete to stay up-to-date with the latest technology in order to provide informed options and deliver the best possible results for our clients.  We meet with our key partners / suppliers on an irregular basis to update with their latest product offerings.  All of our engineered solutions incorporate the fore thought of energy efficiency.  In more recent times Inete has been focused on remote solar / battery backed monitoring stations.  These range from all weather, water quality, autosampling, dust monitoring and dam wall vibration monitoring.  The data of these remote sites is collected locally with extended autonomy.  All systems are set up ready for client based central data repository collection via several different communication media.