Project Management

Project Management / Principal Representation

Business case development;
Management and involvement in the project approval process;
Project budget, schedule estimating and forecasting;
Scope of works compilation in preparation for tendering (RFQ);
Tender assessments;
Contract negotiation and development;
Contract compliance and management;
Engineering and peer review;
Budgeting and cost tracking;

  • Monitoring;

  • Critical path management; and

  • Contingency execution.

Resourcing (Equipment and personnel);
Auditing and reporting;
Project close-out:

  • Operational readiness;

  • Maintenance strategies;

  • Spares listings;

  • Training; and

  • Documentation control.

Other managerial services upon request.

Safety Management

Development of safety management plan;
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP);
Job Safety Analysis (JSA);
Inspection and Test Plans (ITP);
Safe Work Instructions (SWIs)
Hazard and operability study (HAZOP);
Safety specific control system reviews;
Safety Integrity Level (SIL) workshops;
Risk Assessments; and
Enterprise Wide Risk Management (EWRM).