Dragline 41 – Blackwater Mine

Dragline Forty-One (DRE41) is a large 8200 Marion machine that was relocated from the U.S.A. for use at the BMACO Blackwater Mine open cut pit near the township of Blackwater in Central Queensland . It is the second machine of its size to be introduced to the Blackwater pits. This is the second time this machine had been relocated. Originally moved once in the U.S.A., it has for the second time been cut up and this time shipped across the Pacific Ocean to the port of Mackay for transport across the range to Blackwater. Electrically the machine is virtually brand new. Everything has been upgraded or enhanced from the MG-Sets, Main DC Motors, PLC gear and PCR. The electrical components on this machine were replaced from the older style hardwired relay logic to a fully automated and enunciated control system. Inete was recently awarded the Engineers Australia Queensland Division Small Business Ventures/Projects award for its work carried out on DRE41.

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